Guest Access

We offer a variety of services and facilities designed to enhance your vacation experience and provide comfort and recreational opportunities.

Private terrace

It is an outdoor extension of secluded and personal living space for residents to enjoy.
Residents can use the private terrace in various ways. It can be transformed into an outdoor living room with comfortable seating, tables, and décor for relaxing and socializing. It can also be used as a place for personal physical activities such as yoga or exercise.
Our intent is to offer residents a personal outdoor oasis, where they can enjoy fresh air, natural light, and outdoor views without leaving their home. Provides a sense of privacy and exclusivity.

Multipurpose room

It is a versatile space within the set that can be used for various activities and purposes, it is spacious to accommodate different activities.
The room is equipped with versatile furniture and seating options that can be rearranged or moved to accommodate different activities.


It is a recreational facility where residents can enjoy swimming and water related activities, can swim, cool off, relax, exercise, socialize and enjoy free time without leaving the comfort of their living space. It offers a fun and attractive space for families, children or friends to come together and enjoy leisure activities.
Safety is paramount in the pool area, it is essential that residents adhere to pool rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Adult supervision is necessary for children to prevent accidents and promote safe practices in the water.
It is located within the community and is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for residents of all ages.

Basketball court

There is one full basketball court and one half basketball court to provide residents with a convenient and accessible space to engage in recreational basketball activities without ever leaving the grounds.
It offers a convenient and easily accessible space for basketball enthusiasts of all ages to get active, practice their skills and enjoy friendly competition. It promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and encourages social interaction with others who share a common interest in basketball.
You can play with other residents, with your family or friends, if you are a basketball player you can have your practice sessions while you are on vacation.
Residents using the basketball court must abide by any rules or guidelines set forth by the residential complex to ensure safety and fair play. Proper sportsmanship and respect for other facility users are important in creating a positive and enjoyable basketball experience for all.


It is an area specifically designed for children to participate in outdoor games and recreational activities. It provides a safe and pleasant space for children to have fun, socialize and develop various skills. It is equipped with a variety of structures such as swings, slides, spinning wheel and seesaw, designed to meet the developmental needs of children. These structures provide opportunities for physical activity, balance, coordination, and motor skill development.
Provides a nearby and easily accessible space for children to participate in outdoor games and physical activities. Playgrounds encourage children to develop essential skills such as social interaction, imagination, creativity, problem solving and physical fitness. It is important that parents, guardians and carers supervise children while using the play area and ensure that they comply with any safety guidelines or rules set by the residential complex


Residents can cook their own steaks and meats on the grill, on individual grills or tabletops within the setting. It offers an interactive and customizable dining experience, allowing residents to control the cooking process and enjoy a personalized steak. There are several rooms that are equipped with their own grill or griddle, a granite counter that includes a small dishwasher, a table and four chairs, where residents can cook their steaks, are easy to use.
It's a welcoming and sociable environment, with comfortable seating arrangements and a design that encourages interaction between diners. It is an open kitchen concept, allowing residents to watch the cooking process and enjoy the sights and aromas of sizzling steaks.

Parking lot

Designated spaces within the complex where residents can park their vehicles. It provides a convenient and secure parking solution for residents, ensuring easy access to their vehicles, they are marked with painted lines to indicate suitable parking spots.
Parking areas within residential complexes have security measures to prevent unauthorized access, speed limits ensure the safety of residents and parked vehicles. Speed limits and reserved spaces help promote organization and efficiency within parking facilities.

Our goal is to create an environment of amenities that you can enjoy when you reserve our apartment.

It's time to relax and enjoy